Praise for Hipwrecked

“... a memoir... that is both personal and political and simultaneously (and miraculously), searing, scathing and hilarious.” — Ann Louise Bardach, journalist, foreign correspondent, Cuban affairs expert and author of Cuba Confidential and Without Fidel

“… Hipwrecked takes us on an unexpected journey from Los Angeles to India through a brilliant blend of insight and high humor…” — Thom Hartmann, radio talk show host, progressive political commentator, 4-time Project Censored Award winner and bestselling author of over 20 books, including Rebooting the American Dream: 11 Ways to Rebuild Our Country

“A longtime performer and director with the famed Groundlings comedy troupe, Phyllis Katz was faced with her insurance company being unwilling to pay six figures to fix her two hips. So, like any skilled improviser, she improvised. Good-bye, Los Angeles. Hello, New Delhi."
—Tony Peyser, daily contributor to BuzzFlash

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Say Hello To Phyllis Katz

Proud member of the middle class. In this wild story of courage and humor in the face of culture shock, she chronicles her sudden, improbable trip to India for medical treatment. Hipwrecked is an adventure (told partly through e-mails while highly medicated) born of the unfortunate yet laughable inadequacies of modern medical insurance – and a celebration of the joyful strength of the human spirit.

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